Massage for pregnant women

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  2. Massage for pregnant women

During pregnancy, due to the additional load, the muscles of a woman are permanently tense. The spine is strained to the limit, so most future mothers suffer from back pain. Changes in the proportion of hormones cause water retention in the body and swelling – especially in the feet. Regular use of massage reduces or completely eliminates these problems.

A special massage designed for future mothers will regenerate the body, relax mentally and improve the circulation of the lymph in your swollen feet.

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A Hindu head massage during pregnancy

One of the most popular relaxation forms is the traditional Hindu head massage. Ancient texts say that it was used in combination with herbs and spices to stimulate natural self-healing. Currently, it is made without the use of oils to provide greater comfort to the massaged person. Thanks to the use of holistic technology, it affects our psychophysical well-being and its effects are surprising. Massage is ideally suited for women who are pregnant and remain professionally active. Thanks to it, the most persistent problems are eliminated, such as:

  • migraine,
  • insomnia,
  • fatigue,
  • tired eyes.

During the pregnancy, the whole body is exposed to fatigue and muscle tension.

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Partial massage, including the limbs or spine, will help reduce pain in a specific place, restore proper blood circulation and lymph outflow.

The treatment allows you to restore the strength and that is important for both the mother and the child.
Depending on your needs, we can devote attention to upper and lower limbs or take care of your spine. The massage uses classic techniques, supplemented with special tricks that are not found in any other type of massage, but only in the massage for pregnant women.

Massage of the spine and lumbar section during pregnancy

We carry out spine massage for pregnant women when lying on the side. In the early months of pregnancy, this change in massage technique may seem insignificant, but it becomes an obvious fact that this modification must be applied when the tummy begins to be visible. Thanks to this we achieve:
  • relaxation of paraspinal muscles
  • reduction or total elimination of pain in the spine
  • relaxation in a safe position lying on the side
  • improvement of circulation and work efficiency of stabilizing muscles of the back

Lymphatic drainage – relief for swollen legs

The cure for swollen legs, and in particular the feet, is lymphatic drainage. The gentle drainage method eliminates lymphatic stasis, especially in the lower limbs. The swelling disappears, the feeling of heaviness in the legs disappears as well as the issue feet inflated like a balloon. Partial massage not only improves muscle work, but firms the skin, reduces the signs of cellulite which is also caused by lymph stasis.

Foot massage

Foot massage uses a technique of pressure on reflexology points. It supports the proper work of internal organs. It not only improves well-being, but also stimulates circulation. The massage of this part of the body is also dedicated to those who struggle with flat feet or spur heel.

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We know how important the accuracy is during the massage treatments for pregnant women.

The treatments are performed only by a physiotherapist, so you can feel 100% safe in our salon.Each treatment is preceded by an interview and consultation with the client.

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