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Today let’s talk a little bit about the orange peel effect.

Cellulite is a subcutaneous tissue dystrophy of a non-inflammatory nature (otherwise paniculopathy or lipodystrophy). Dystrophy means a disorder of microcirculation and metabolic processes in the skin, as a result of which fat tissue instead of breaking down evenly forms irregular, unpleasant looking bumps.

First- the bad news:

90% of women are exposed to cellulite, regardless of age! It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 60. Almost all of us struggle with cellulite. Another bad news is that unfortunately gentlemen do not have this problem. And where is justice in this world ?! 🙂 Let’s explain what’s the matter.

Cellulite appears at different stages of life. In 12% of women during puberty, in 20% during pregnancy, and in 25% during menopausal period. Most often it is visible around the hips, abdomen, buttocks and on the inner surfaces of the thighs and knees. It is characterized by the formation of irregular lumps forming below the surface of the skin, sometimes painful, taking on the appearance of the well-known “orange peel effect”.

The question eternally bothering women: why don’t men have cellulite?

This is due to differences in body fat structure and the body’s endocrine economy. Male testosterone does not accumulate fat in the form of lumps or folds. On the contrary, the more testosterone a man has, the less fat there is in his body and more muscle. And that’s not all! Testosteron also drives the male metabolism so that energy from food is immediately burned in the muscles. It’s unfair, I know. The female body, unfortunately, works differently, sometimes I get the impression that it catches calories from the air. Do you have it the same way too?

What is the reason for the formation of cellulite?

There are many key reasons, most often there are several of them appearing at the same time.

Those are:

  • hormonal factors, mainly elevated estrogen levels, which results in water retention, impaired blood microcirculation, increased blood vessel permeability, and edema.
  • blood and lymph circulation disorders
  • disorders of the lymphatic system
  • flaccidity of connective tissue
  • genetic factors
  • eating habits – high salt intake, caloric excess in the diet

Other more prosaic reasons include a sedentary lifestyle, wearing tight clothes and high-heeled shoes, smoking, alcohol and mental health problems.

The good news is that:

There are ways to handle orange peel. Homemade remedies include coffee ground peels (coffee grounds + coconut oil), oat flakes, self-massage, etc. In beauty salons, we have a whole range of methods to choose from: either manual or using machines, or even methods close to aesthetic medicine.

Our manual methods:

  • slimming / anti-cellulite massage, i.e. massage that breaks down subcutaneous unevenness, improving skin circulation and metabolism in tissues. The effect is smoothing the skin and quick reduction of lumps.
  • Chinese cupping massage, that is manual vacuum massage, to the effects of the massage above we add the help of an important factor which is vacuum, thanks to which it has even better results.
  • machine treatments such as endermology and the like, work on similar principles as the Chinese cupping massage, but are more effective.
  • carboxytherapy involves the introduction of CO2 under the skin, this type of treatment has slimming, shaping and anti-cellulite properties.
  • aesthetic cosmetology and aesthetic medicine treatments, these include injection lipolysis. It consists of injecting a preparation that dissolves fat under the skin. The effects are visible after two treatments in the series.
  • microneedling mesotherapy, stimulates the skin to regenerate, microneedling provokes safe & controlled inflammation which is activating microcirculation.
  • Carboxytherapy is also an excellent method of aesthetic cosmetology in the fight against celluilite. It is a method of injecting natural, heated CO2 gas under the skin.

The procedure causes a temporary subcutaneous oxygen disorder, which results in the development of an additional network of blood vessels. The gas under the skin is absorbed within a few hours, while the effect of building a new network of vessels remains for a long time.

To sum up, we can do it! Soon, it will be summer, but we will make it on time 🙂

See you at the treatments!

Fun fact:

The term cellulite is often used interchangeably with the term Cellulitis, which is a mistake, because Cellulitis is an inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by bacteria and occurring in many parts of the body, not just those characteristic of cellulite.

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