Manicure Warsaw

We offer an extremely durable and carefully performed gel & classic manicure

We use the highest quality substances for the manicure. We take care of every detail of the treatment so that the final result lasts for a long time, and the procedure itself is a pleasant and relaxing experience for you.

Manicure is a well-known and most frequently performed beautifying procedure & treatment. It includes the work on nails as well as cuticles. In the end, depending on the client’s wishes, classic, gel polish or nail conditioner is applied. The manicure spa additionally contains a nourishing and regenerating hand mask and a short hand massage.

hybrid manicure

S.O.S for damaged nails

IBX System – is a revolutionary method of repairing nails from the inside. It penetrates inside the nail plate, which makes it harder, more resistant and repairs damage. Nails grow healthier, stronger and smoother.

Used under your gel or classic nail polish, it acts as a protective shield.

Used on it’s own, it rebuilds nails as part of an intensive remedial treatment.

IBX will be a great solution if your nails:

  • are weak and brittle
  • are thin
  • are splitting
  • are uneven and have white marks
  • destroyed with too much often stylization

Do you love our manicure? We guarantee high durability, aesthetic look and professional performance.