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Acne scars can make life miserable, especially when they come in a package with another skin problem. There are many different preparations for eliminating scars on the market, however, it is worth entrusting your skin to specialists in this matter. When it comes to removing acne scars, it has various options to offer. Don’t get depressed because of the scars left after acne! Visit our salon and see how we can help you.

Professional acne scar removal – we suggest:

Acid treatments: chemical peels for acne scars

Your skin is very important for us – that’s why in Healthy Beauty you will find what you are looking for: we will choose acid therapy for acne scars tailored to your needs and expectations.

Acne scar treatment with acids (chemical peels) has a long tradition in our salon. Using the best quality monoacids, our specialists prepare acids tailored to each client – including those who struggle with inflammation in the active phase. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to help you in every situation.

Different examples of acids used in acne scar removal therapy:

  • Salicylic acid – also used in the active phase of acne, due to its strong bactericidal effect, strongly cleanses skin tissues and eliminates scars
  • Lactobionic acid – dedicated to sensitive skin, in the case of rosacea, inflammation of the skin and atopic changes. It is also safe in retinoid therapy, i.e. when most other acids are not recommended. Intensively penetrates into the pores of the skin, moisturizes, heals and eliminates scars, but at the same time does not dry and does not irritate the affected skin. It can also be used in the summer.
  • Mandelic acid – delicate but effective. It works antiseptically, reduces seborrhea and optimizes the level of sebum production, which is a nutrient for the bacteria. Activates skin renewal processes, at the same time moisturizes and softens it. Scars after the exfoliation treatment with the use of mandelic acid quickly become less visible, the skin is not irritated or dry. What’s also important, the treatment with mandelic acid can be carried out all year long, because it doesn’t make the skin sensitive to the sun.
  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) – is one of the strongest acids, it is usually used for deep peeling of the epidermis. You should prepare for the procedure with its application in advance, and avoid the sun during and immediately after the procedure. Intense exfoliation of the epidermis makes it one of the most effective acids available.

Innovation in acne scar removal – carboxytherapy

It is with our clients in mind that we have introduced to our offer an innovative carboxytherapy method. This non-invasive method of skin treatment is very popular due to its ease of use and excellent effects, also in removing acne scars. Thanks to the use of carbon dioxide, which is injected under the skin, it initiates safe inflammatory-like changes. As a result, tissue regeneration processes are triggered so scarring and pathological skin changes are reduced.

Before you decide on carboxytherapy, take advantage of a free consultation with our specialist. It will allow you to tailor the course of therapy to the condition of your skin, your needs and set an action plan.

Acne scar removal by microneedling mesotherapy

Microneedling mesotherapy is one of the methods of removing scars. It involves the introduction of active substances under the skin by means of injection. Its effectiveness consists in applying precisely to the pathologically changed place those active ingredients that strongly biorevitalize and regenerate the skin. The microneedling process itself also stimulates the skin by waking up cell renewal processes, the proliferation of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. Pathological changes are broken down and removed from the body together with metabolites, scars are smoothed and brightened. Mesotherapy can be used for all skin types.

If you are struggling with the problem of unwanted “souvenirs” after acne, visit our salon – Healthy Beauty invites you to remove acne scars. We are awaiting you!