Pedicure Treatments for men

Let’s talk about men’s feet. Men’s pedicure is the treatment most often chosen by male clients in our salon. No wonder – it is a very relaxing and pleasant treatment, at the same time very much needed for feet that work hard every day.

When it comes to pedicure for men, we have several interesting feet treatments in our offer. These are:

  • pedicure for men – classic treatment and cleansing of nails and whole feet, removal of calluses
  • SPA pedicure for men – a pedicure enriched with a moisturizing mask and a short foot massage
  • Foot massage

Contraindications for pedicure for men:

  • Foot and nail fungus
  • inflammations
  • Injuries, disruption of the epidermis on the feet

A classic foot pedicure begins with a relaxing foot bath. It is designed to soften the epidermis so that we can easily remove lumps or crusts. This is the favorite moment for all of our clients. The next stage is shortening the nail plate in such a way that it doesn’t grow on the sides. Most importantly, we give the nail such a shape that it matches the shape of the foot, taking into account the current state of the nail and its condition. Soft skin after bathing is easier to move and eliminate with nail clippers, which is why this stage of the procedure always runs quickly and without pain.

Pedicure for men also includes the removal of calluses, corns or callous epidermis, which over time can make walking difficult, therapy for cracked heels or ingrown nails – then it is a therapeutic pedicure.  You can also enjoy a foot massage.

The SPA pedicure for men additionally includes the application of a nutritious mask on the feet and a foot massage. Why should you massage your feet? Massaging stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and stimulates receptors- we have a lot of them in the bottom sole of the foot. In addition, a professionally performed foot massage will help properly absorb the nutrients contained in the mask, stimulate blood circulation, help remove toxins from the body, relax muscles and tendons.

Pedicure with use of chemical peel – an excellent addition, thoroughly cleansing the feet and in particular:

  • Exfoliating and removing dead skin cells and impurities
  • Deeply cleansing and moisturizing the skin of the feet
  • Regeneration and revitalization
  • Speeding up the healing process of microinjuries