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Acid treatments (chemical peels) Warsaw - the best effects

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Why you should chose a chemical peel at our salon:
  • Top-quality substances used for the skin – you can be sure that our products are 100% organic without unnecessary additives.
  • Individually selected concentration and type of acid – The cosmetologist always interviews the client before the procedure and analyzes the complexion and its problem. Based on the information collected, we select the right type of acid and determine its concentration.
  • Safety guaranteed – all therapies at Healthy Beauty Warsaw are performed by professionals.
  • The effects visible right after the first treatment – thanks to many years of experience and knowledge about the skin, we can choose the procedure that assures a significant improvement after the first treatment.

Facial treatments using acids – chemical peeling

Acids are organic chemical compounds of natural origin. They are obtained, among others, from sugar cane, milk or fruit. The use of these substances has been known since the time of ancient Egypt, when wealthy women bathed in sour milk, unknowingly using smoothing and brightening properties of lactic acid. By using a chemical peeling, you can fight almost any skin problem.

In Healthy Beauty we use monoacids, which are single compounds that the cosmetologist uses in the right concentrations. Thanks to this we have the ability to personalize the treatment so that it’s best suited to the needs of the skin; as opposed to the ready-made mixtures available on the market, which don’t provide such possibility. The substances are used in the appropriate sequence and concentration to maximize the therapeutic effect. Properly conducted therapy combined with patient’s education makes it possible to achieve the best results permanently.

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Depending on the type of acid used we can get such results as:

  • reduction of acne (rosacea, vulgaris)
  • removal of blackheads
  • cleansing the skin
  • eliminating the discoloration
  • reduction of sebum
  • moisturizing and smoothing the skin
  • revitalization, refreshing of the skin
  • elimination of wrinkles and scars
  • improving the density and quality of the skin
  • brightening the area under the eyes
  • reduction of erythema and strengthening of blood vessels
  • stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin

In addition, the use of several acids in one treatment allows you to optimize the effect while working on several co-existing problems. Before the treatment, a comprehensive interview is collected, which allows the cosmetologist to choose the appropriate therapy and with each further procedure, enrich it with further preparations to get rid of all skin problems.

Treatments are carried out using various acids, individually adjusted to the complexion and its problem or chosen by the client. See what types of acids we use.

More than 80% of patients respond positively to chemical peels. Such a high ratio makes it one of the most popular treatments on the cosmetics market.

How many treatments do you need to achieve a satisfactory result?

The first effects are visible after 1 treatment. Therefore, it sometimes happens that patients discontinue therapy. This is a mistake, because only fully completed therapy brings permanent effects. Mostly, the therapy is carried out in a series of approximately 5 treatments. Treatments are carried out at intervals of 7 to 30 days, depending on the acid used, the type of skin and the type of therapy. After completing the whole series, you can continue other therapies that will intensify the effects and prolong them. To maintain the positive effects of acid therapy, after the completion of the series, we recommend performing treatments that boost the effect once in every 4-6 weeks.

How to prepare for the treatment?

The treatment does not require special preparation on the part of the patient. However, you should know about several recommendations. Immediately before the procedure, you should not:

  • use the tanning salon,
  • consume alcohol,
  • perform peeling or other intensive treatments within a week’s interval.

Chemical peeling in the summer? Sure!

It is a common misconception that acid therapy shouldn’t be used during the summer. However, more experienced cosmetologists know that this is not entirely true. At Healthy Beauty, we offer a whole range of summer acids along with the protection of the skin against sun rays. Thanks to this we can conduct treatment at any time of the year and we are not dependent on the intensity of sun exposure. Acne and discoloration don’t go on holidays! 🙂

We will adjust the type of acid for your skin and its problems individually. If you want to make an appointment, please contact us.