Removing scars after surgery

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  2. Removing scars after surgery

Our skin must go through many endurance tests. We test it every day. It is reflected on it in the form of discoloration, swelling, loss of firmness and scars. They are often the result of acne and injuries, but also remnants after surgery. However, you don’t have to worry about an ugly birthmark, because there are effective and long-lasting ways to get rid of scars.

The power of carbon dioxide – a solution for your scars

Carboxytherapy is one of the best ways to reduce postoperative scars. It is a procedure that quickens the process of regeneration and repair of skin tissue by activating natural mechanisms. Therefore, it’s not an invasive procedure and does not require a recovery period. Carbon dioxide therapy is simply the application of CO2 under the skin, which stimulates the oxygenation of the skin.

In addition, blood flow in the blood vessels is significantly improved and new, additional vessels in the skin are created. This initiates the process of tissue reconstruction – your skin becomes firmer, more nourished, regains its former glow and natural balance. Skin pigmentation returns to a normal state, which is why scars not only heal faster and easier, but also become less visible. Your skin is much more strengthened, it also produces new collagen fibers. The entire structure of the scar is rebuilt – it’s no longer thin and sensitive compared to the surrounding healthy skin, but becomes much more durable. This improvement is also permanent – it doesn’t require any future reminding treatments like other therapies.

Say goodbye to postoperative scars thanks to Dermapen

Another recommended solution for post-traumatic and surgical scars is Dermapen- microneedle mesotherapy. This is a revolutionary technology that allows for intensified microneedling thanks to the precise device called Dermapen. Micro punctures are a clear signal for our body – to start regenerative processes. The skin’s tissues are renewed, and it also produces new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – all of the most important skin building materials.

Change for the better and for longer

Your skin will heal slowly, but if you support its natural repair processes, you can be sure to get stunning effects. Scars will not only undergo a healing process faster, but you will be able to sunbathe soon and regain normal pigmentation. The scars will no longer stand out against the background of your skin. Trust modern technology and try Dermapen, you won’t be disappointed!