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Diet, intense exercise and no effect to be seen. The abdomen is the part of the body that is the hardest to deal with when losing excess weight. The effects of hard work in the gym and a strict diet are negligible when it comes to our belly. While fat tissue has already disappeared from other parts of our body, just as we expected, but the tummy fat is still lingering on. Can you accelerate or somehow support this process with the treatments in the beauty salon? Today we’ll talk about it!

How can you make your belly firm?

Losing fat is not the only problem we are struggling with. Very often it goes hand-in-hand with flabby skin. The abdomen is devoid of firmness and looks unpleasant despite all efforts and all the sweat poured out during training. However, there is a way by which you can stimulate your cells to quicken the progress in fighting belly fat and regaining firmness. The effect is a modeled, slimmed and cellulite-free body. What is this incredible therapy? It is the use of carbon dioxide in the form of carboxytherapy.

Use of carbon dioxide in the process of regaining firmness

The key to understanding use of carboxytherapy is to understand the way CO2 works in this treatment. Through safe, natural and non-invasive carbon dioxide treatment we effectively influence the skin rejuvenation processes. In short, by introducing CO2 under the skin, we run something like controlled inflammation. It is a signal sent to the skin that it’s about to start repairing processes. Thanks to carboxytherapy, your skin renews and regenerates itself in an intense and effective way. An additional advantage is that human fat cells are very sensitive to carbon dioxide – it’s the perfect way to fight them and get rid of them once and for all.

What can you expect after the procedure?

So what are the actual effects? The changes you can expect from carboxytherapy used on your belly are as follows:

  • regaining firmness and elasticity
  • improving the overall condition of the skin
  • getting rid of excess body fat
  • delaying skin aging processes
  • getting rid of stretch marks, scars or cellulite

You do not have to use the liposuction or other invasive methods of getting rid of the belly fat. In this safe way you will remove any accumulated fat, which you have been fighting for so long by various methods without success. Trust the experience and professionalism of Healthy Beauty! This treatment is not only effective and innovative but above all safe. It is an ideal way to support the weight loss process through intense physical effort at the gym and a balanced diet that does not immediately bring the expected results. Thanks to carboxytherapy you will regain your old figure faster.