Remove Facial Thread Veins

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Extremely comfortable method of removing dilated blood vessels, fibromas and millet.

The treatment with the use of the Termocell device consists of electrocoagulation, meaning removal of the skin defects with a high frequency radio wave. The method is extremely safe and leaves no traces or scars on your skin

What skin problems can I get rid of with the electrocoagulation?

  • vascular changes
  • dilated blood vessels (telangiectasias) on the face and legs
  • Morgan stains (cherry hemangiomas)
  • soft fibroids
  • milia


What can I expect during the procedure?

The treatment lasts from a few to several minutes. At this time, the cosmetologist applies a sterile probe precisely to the change we want to remove. You can feel a delicate sting similar to a mosquito sting. Most patients describe the procedure as painless.


How to care for the skin after the treatment?

Immediately after the procedure, slight swelling may appear locally or the skin may turn pink, which disappears after a dozen minutes or so. Then a minimum scab will appear in the treated area. It should not be scratched, after regeneration it will fall off naturally.

The skin should be cared for with the appropriate substance prescribed by a cosmetologist. We recommend avoiding sunbathing and bathing in chlorinated water, saunas, intensive physical activity up to 2-4 days after the procedure.

We recommend the use of sunscreen, which is also a great prevention of blood vessel rupture.

The treatment doesn’t prevent you from doing your everyday activities, it doesn’t require a convalescence period.


How many treatments are needed to get rid of the problem?

It is best to do up to 3 treatments to remove the changes. The cosmetologist selects the appropriate parameters on the device so that the procedure is safe, recovery time is short and it bring the desired effect.

On legs, where the changes are deeper, up to 5 treatments can be performed.

Treatments are to be repeated every 3-6 weeks.

The treatment can be performed safely throughout the year.


What makes electrocoagulation such an extraordinary method?

Effectiveness – sometimes one treatment is enough,

Sterility – disposable surgical probes,

Precision – we work on a specific part of the skin,

Not invasive – no need to pierce your skin with the needle,

The possibility of performing all year – it doesn’t cause skin to be allergic to the sun.

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