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Intimate depilation for men is still a topic that causes various reactions. Many gentlemen freely admit to performing this treatment regularly, while others still recognize that as unmanly. But is taking care of hygiene, health and attractive appearance really only the domain of women?

Intimate waxing for men in Warsaw

A modern man knows how important it is to take care of himself. We are not talking only about clean and tidy appearance, but also about details. Fitted hairstyle, gently adjusted eyebrows and well-groomed hands, a pleasant smell. It all adds up to our overall image. Smooth, aesthetic body provides psychological comfort while playing sports, at the pool, beach or gym. At the same time, hair is still thought to be a sign of masculinity. You don’t have to get rid of your hair completely – neat trimming and marking border lines also increases the attractiveness and elegance. Hair removal for men is very well perceived by women. For women, depilation is already a standard, so they often expect the same from their partner. Let’s see how it all works.

What does the procedure look like?

Waxing of intimate areas takes place in conditions of comfort and privacy. The customer gets disposable underwear and a moment to change and get ready. At Healthy Beauty, we use hard wax from the renowned Lycon brand for sensitive body parts. The difference between soft and hard wax is significant – soft wax is a classic one, rolled and picked with a stripe. Hard wax is used without stripes – when applied to the skin, it solidifies and is ready to be removed. In addition, the skin is previously protected with an olive, thanks to which pain sensation is minimized, as we do not irritate the skin with wax, gripping only the hair.

Hard wax is ideal for depilation of intimate areas, as well as other sensitive parts, e.g. armpits, nose or ears. This is the best way to get rid of hair from sensitive body parts. The great advantage is that the hair grows back more slowly and does not sting. It is worth mentioning that the advantage of hard wax is that it removes hairs up to one millimeter long. You don’t have to wait long and “grow” your hair for your next waxing. After the procedure, a special antibacterial lotion and a preparation are applied to the skin, which soothes irritations and prevents hair growth. If the problem of ingrown hair appears, we offer special home care preparation to deal with this issue. Wax depilation is a long-lasting solution that ensures satisfactory effects.

How often should you perform the procedure to enjoy a smooth body?

If the body is to be smooth constantly, we recommend waxing every 3 weeks. If short hair is not a discomfort, the procedure can be used every 4-6 weeks.

Advantages of performing the treatment:

increasing hygiene of the intimate area

optical enlargement of the genitals

comfort and convenience

regrowing hair does not sting

intense sensations during intercourse

smooth and hairless skin for a longer time

possible shorter intervals between treatments, so that the skin is smooth all the time

Contraindications for Boyziliant treatment

Contraindications for the procedure are: unregulated diabetes, taking certain medications (e.g. Isotec), wounds and irritation on the skin, active skin diseases at the depilation area. To make sure that this treatment is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask our staff for advice. Healthy Beauty professionals are happy to help and inform you about the best form of treatment, individually tailored to your needs.