Manual cleansing

  1. Facial treatments
  2. Manual cleansing

Manual facial cleaning consists of manual removal of blackheads and other impurities accumulating under the surface of the skin.

After thorough removal of all facial makeup, the skin is prepared for treatment so as to expand the pores and soften the skin, which allows more precise removal of impurities. The most common are water vapor or cosmetics (masks) with pore expanding properties.
The next step is to manually remove the impurities that remain in the pores in the conditions of the best hygiene. After removing the blackheads, a special mask with anti-inflammatory, calming and astringent effect is applied on the face.

Manual cleansing can be carried out on the face, neckline, back and shoulders.

Manual facial cleansing

It is recommended to perform manual cleaning in the case of:

  • blackheads,
  • milia,
  • impurities
  • when the complexion needs refreshing and cleansing

The last stage of the procedure is the application of a suitable safety cosmetics that close the whole procedure. The treatment is intended for the majority of skin types.

Manual cleansing is usually not recommended for people with vascular skin, because such treatment can cause small blood vessels to crack. If you need to clean this type of skin, you can modify the treatment so that it is safe for the skin and the effect is very satisfactory.

Treatments are conducted with the utmost care. Make an appointment for manual cleansing of the face, cleavage, back or shoulders.