Hair loss treatment – stronger and thicker hair

Scalp problems are an increasingly common phenomenon. Shampoos and conditioners are not able to help and do not seem to improve the condition of our hair, nor do they penetrate deep enough to improve the condition of the scalp. How can you fight dandruff, say goodbye to hair loss, while deeply and long-lastingly strengthening and nourishing them?

Carboxytherapy – a universal solution to scalp problems

In addition to skin, not many therapies also affect hair. Fortunately, the one using carbon dioxide is a great method for both these problems. Carboxytherapy is also effective for the scalp and works extremely well. It can even work for any skin changes or inflammations. Perfectly copes with seborrhea, alopecia, hair weakness. At the same time, it is a safe procedure, requiring no surgeon’s intervention and completely natural. It works by introducing carbon dioxide under the skin, which stimulates the process of its reconstruction. It can be used for both women and men, regardless of hair type or skin type. Restore your former confidence and smile, regain healthy and beautiful hair.

What is the procedure like?

Depending on the used angle, the depth of injection and the technique of the carboxytherapy it can help with various skin problems. At the same time, it copes well with psoriasis, hair loss as well as other issues. The professional staff of Healthy Beauty will advise you and help you choose the right treatment tailored to your individual needs. Carbon dioxide accelerates blood circulation, while stimulating the formation of new blood vessels – well-supplied skin is the first step to health. Cell divisions are also activated to provide new hair growth. Our hair follicles are nourished, which helps them get all of necessary building substances. Strengthened hair roots will result in beautiful, strong and thick hair.

It should of course be stated that the full effect is only achievable with a series of treatments, which allows finalizing our scalp treatment. And although the effects of carboxytherapy are visible after the first treatment, you need several of those treatments to be completely happy with results. It should be noted that carboxytherapy uses natural skin regeneration processes, so it is non-invasive and completely safe.

What are the effects of carboxytherapy on the scalp:

  • noticeably thicker, stronger hair
  • oxygenated and nourished hair follicles
  • improvement of hair color
  • regulated sebum production
  • better hair density
  • stopping the hair loss
  • eliminating dandruff
  • fixing the problem of oily hair
  • treating alopecia