Massage with a peeling

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A combination of massage and body scrub. Top-quality peeling cosmetics revitalize the skin by removing dead skin cells, unlocking pores and moisturizing the whole skin. We get an additional effect by supplying vitamins to the skin, their absorption is significantly improved after this procedure. The skin becomes younger and smoother. It looks very healthy and firm. Next, after washing off the preparation layer, a 30-minute massage of a selected body part takes place. The whole procedure takes about an hour. The effects last for several weeks.

Body scrub is based on exfoliating dead skin cells with a suitable substance. It leaves the skin smooth, radiant and moisturized. It eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs after shaving or depilation. It improves micro circulation of blood and cleanses the skin, so it can absorb any creams better- then they all work more efficiently. It can be combined with a massage to deepen the activity of tissues lying under the skin and prolong and improve the positive effects of the scrub.

Body scrub+massage in a package of up to 5 sessions – 10% cheaper, above 5 sessions – 15% cheaper!