Partial massage

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Partial massage covers particular parts of the body such as upper limbs, lower limbs or spine. Depending on clients’ needs, it uses techniques taken from classic massage, healing massage or drainage. Partial massage works well if you want to focus on a specific part of the body & give it the maximum time and attention. The release of the tension in individual part of the body causes the whole organism to function more effectively. It brings relief, regeneration & vitality for a long time.

What are the benefits of a partial massage?

  • it focuses on a specific area of your body,
  • reducing muscle tension of a certain body part
  • it removes fibrosis and metabolites of metabolism
  • improves the functioning of the limbs and the spine
  • improves skin condition by firming and rejuvenating it

When to use a partial massage?

  • when wishing to focus on a specific part of the body,
  • when having back problems
  • when having issues with your limbs
  • when experiencing muscle fatigue of a given body part,
  • when putting too much burden on a certain body part

Partial massage in a package of up to 5 sessions – 10% cheaper, above 5 sessions – 15% cheaper!