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Specialized treatments focused on various skin problems, including the face, neck and cleavage. A clear improvement in the skin condition occurs after the first treatment. They provide the skin with what it lacks (PRO) and reduce what is unnecessary (CONTRA). The best results are provided by the full treatment.

This category includes the following treatments:


Deep hydration

A treatment dedicated to all types of skin affected by dehydration and dryness. Intense hydration, improved flexibility and the revitalization of the epidermis makes the procedure bring relief to people who don’t care for their skin properly and smokers. The treatment can be performed throughout the whole year and regardless of age.

Duration: 60 min


Intensive nutrition

A treatment dedicated to very dry, flaky and dehydrated skin. It brings instant relief and reduces the feeling of dryness. The skin regains its elasticity and proper structure. It becomes soft to the touch and deeply moisturized. An excellent proposition for travelers who are constantly exposed to external factors or air conditioning. Regenerates, restores comfort, improves defensive functions of skin.

Duration: 60 min


Anti-wrinkle protection

A powerful anti-wrinkle treatment, recommended for people with mature complexions. Thanks to cosmetics with retinol that supports cell renewal, the skin regains its glow and elasticity. Facial color & shape is clearly improved. Right after the first treatment, the skin is smooth, taut and the wrinkles are shallowed.

Duration: 60 min


Intense stimulation

A very intense treatment, recommended for people with mature skin 50+. The whole range of active ingredients such as anti-wrinkle peptides, isoflavones and elastin contributes to the improvement of skin density, hydration and significant elasticity. The treatment belongs to the highly lifting, lifting the face oval. The result is a revitalized and healthier and fuller skin.

Duration: 60 min


Fast facelift

A banquet treatment, recommended before an important event. Dedicated to dehydrated skin, with loss of firmness, flaccid. The result is a clearly smoother, younger and healthier complexion with even coloring. The treatment is a great makeup base. It makes the complexion radiant and fresh.

Duration: 60 minut


Regeneration and vasodilation

A treatment dedicated to people with couperose skin. Thanks to the esculin and hesperidin contained in the used substance, the fragile and broken capillaries become less visible and stronger, and the microcirculation is significantly improved. The skin becomes soothed, less reactive and more resistant. All redness disappears, the complexion is brightened, radiant and regenerated. Recommended for both ladies and gentlemen.

Duration: 60 min


Smoothing, cleansing for oily & combination skin

A treatment dedicated to people with oily and combination skin. It has a sebostatic effect. It makes the skin radiant, evenly coloured and the pores clearly reduced. The treatment provides deep cleansing, moisturizing, calming effect on the inflammatory skin changes and reduces the production of sebum. The skin regains its radiance and healthy appearance.

Duration: 60 min


Multi-stage, luxurious, anti-aging treatments will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Especially recommended for people with mature complexion. Instant effects are visible after the first visit. We also care for the skin of the hands in the treatments! The treatment can also be carried out in series.

This category includes the following treatments:


The treatment is intended mainly for mature 40+ skin. Its task is to improve firmness, face contours, hydration and brightness. This effect is obtained by means of infusional retinol, phytic, lactic and hyaluronic acids. Spectacular skin regeneration is additionally provided by a triple peeling and delicate microfusion.

Use a single treatment or series of treatments for a stronger and longer effect.

Duration: 90 min


A multi-stage treatment, thanks to which we can obtain an effect of “new skin”, full of radiance and vitality. The treatment is based on Progressive Exfoliation ™. The skin becomes visibly smoother, lighter, pores and wrinkles are visibly reduced. This is a deeply moisturizing and firming treatment. 9 hydroxy acids, penetrating up to 9 skin levels, proteolytic enzymes and the innovative AHA-ampfosystem ™, as well as lifting infusion peptides with NANODISCS ™ make the treatment extremely effective and the effects visible to the naked eye.

Use a single treatment – the day before an important event. Also recommended in the series – as an intensive, deeply revitalizing treatment.

Duration: 75 min


The treatment is especially recommended for people with a tired & gray complexion. Thanks to cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, bamboo water, phytic acid or glycolic acid, the skin is deeply moisturized and smoothed. The enzymes – bromelain and papain used in the treatment have exfoliating and revitalizing properties, while the peptides restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Immediately after the treatment the skin is clearly refreshed and full of light.

S.O.S treatment, best on the day of an important event.

Duration: 75 min


Strongly regenerating treatment, using biofusion technology, thanks to which the ingredients of the cosmetics melt into the epidermis. As a result, dry, mature, irritated skin becomes healthily moisturized, palpably smoother, firm and brightened, and the wrinkles become visibly shallowed. It strengthens skin’s resistance to irritation and external conditions.

We recommend a series of treatments for intensive skin renewal or as a single treatment.

Duration: 75 min


Fast, banquet treatments, instantly improving the condition of the skin. The amazing effects are obtained by using peels, strong moisturizing substances and a relaxing face massage.

This category includes the following treatments:


Banquet treatment, quickly improving the condition of tired, gray skin with the first visible signs of aging. After the treatment, the complexion is refreshed, smoothed, full of radiance of equal color. Thanks to deep hydration, it looks younger and becomes firmer.

Duration: 45 min


A fast-acting treatment for dry, dehydrated and rough skin. It brings relief, brightens, firms and smoothes. The skin looks fresh and healthy.

Duration: 45 min


Treatments are conducted with using the DMN ™ Mezoroller with a needle length ranging from 0.2mm to 0.5mm and the use of cosmetics from the highly effective anti-wrinkle line. Dedicated to people with a mature and flaccid complexion, couperose skin , deprived of flexibility and radiance. The treatment is completely safe. The safety is ensured by the highest quality of titanium needles with CE certification. The condition of the skin is clearly improving right after the treatment. The skin becomes brighter, firm and tense. Minimal redness immediately after the procedure is short-lived, because there is no damage to the blood vessels. The treatment is very reliable, effective and really worth it.

This category includes the following treatments:


Intensive reduction of wrinkles

A treatment using microneedling, powerfully anti-wrinkle, for mature skin requiring deep biorevitalization. The active ingredients are biocompatible with the intercellular cement of the skin, thanks to which they penetrate very deeply and naturally stimulate & rebuild the layers of the skin. The effect is firming of the skin, shallowing of wrinkles and raising the face oval. The treatment is also recommended for men.

Duration: 90 min



A treatment dedicated to mature 50+ skin that requires strong stimulation and revitalization. It combines the techniques of microneedling and progressive exfoliation. The skin becomes radiant, smoothed and its structure is visibly renewed. The treatment is recommended for the most demanding customers, expecting spectacular effects.

Duration: 90 min


Strong regeneration and vasodilation

The treatment is recommended for people with a tendency to excessive skin reactions, blood vessel rupture and erythema, a mature complexion. Thanks to the use of microneedling and specialized, appropriately selected cosmetics strengthening the walls of blood vessels, the skin becomes radiant and less reactive, enlarged blood vessels are clearly reduced. The therapeutic effect of the treatment is achieved thanks to active ingredients such as: esculin, hesperidin, rutin, ruscogenin, heparin-like algae extract and hyaluronic acid.

Duration: 90 min

Not sure what type of face treatment to choose? Contact us and we will help you pick the best one for you.