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Cavitation peeling, cavitation – a treatment that thoroughly cleanses the sensitive skin

Cavitation peeling, commonly known as cavitation, is a cleansing treatment performed in a beauty salon. It is designed for sensitive skin that reacts irritably to treatments such as manual cleansing. Cavitation exfoliates the skin and works deeper than home scrubs, but works just as gently. Using the phenomenon of cavitation vibrations, the treatment deeply cleanses pores from sebum and all other impurities. The treatment is painless and does not leave any irritation.

Recommended for such types of skin as:

  • vascular
  • delicate
  • prone to breakouts
  • badly reacting to other methods
  • people with thin skin

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon that occurs under the effect of reducing the pressure. It consists of a fast transformation from the liquid phase into a gas phase. That is why our skin must be moist at the beginning of the treatment. Then, in contact with the ultrasonic head of the device, microbubbles form, which then break down. The result is the breakdown of the old cells of the dead layer of the epidermis and the cleansing of skin pores.

Cavitation peeling

What does the treatment look like?

Cavitation peeling is performed using a device emitting ultrasonic waves at an appropriate frequency. The skin must be strongly moistened in order to create cavitation and good coupling with the machine head. The ultrasound spatula moves over the moistened skin, resulting in micro-bubbles of liquid that go into the volatile phase. The microbubbles burst, break and detach the dead cells of the skin, and the vibrations “squeeze” the sebum from the pores of the skin, cleansing it very deeply.

Micromassage improves blood circulation and the absorption abilities of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties, thoroughly removes excess sebum and allows to get rid of bacteria, which are one of the causes acne.

Blood circulation in the skin accelerates regeneration and cleansing of the skin. Unnecessary metabolites are removed along with blood & lymph while the nutrients & oxygen are delivered to the skin cells, making it radiant and healthy.

Cavitation peeling can be used as an independent treatment or be one of the elements of wider procedures, because it perfectly cleanses and improves the absorption of active substances from cosmetics, thus increasing the effectiveness of other treatments. It’s non-invasive, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin and vascular skin.

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